Three most popular plumbing services

Out of all fixtures that you have in your home, the plumbing is the most used one according to numerous studies. 70% of all water the household uses come from indoor plumbing. That only means that the plumbing in your home is of the utmost importance to the main function of your home. Without it, it would be extremely difficult to maintain that functionality.

People are aware of this importance most of the time but do not really stop to take some time and think about it. Since they tend to use the plumbings so often, they break down quite often because of the frequency of using. When a malfunction happens, you call a plumber, they fix the problem and you can function normally again. So, what are the three most frequent malfunctions that require you to call a plumber?

Plumbing servicesThe answer number one would be drain and toilet clogs. They tend to clog occasionally because of the solid matter that tends to build up in the pipes. If left unaddressed, it might lead to a series of serious problems. Most of the time, these problems are not serious and doesn’t require professional attention. However, if the problem persists, it might lead to messy and hazardous situations, even contamination due to human waste.

The second most common problem would be low water pressure. Usually, it appears all of a sudden and although it seems that it is a minor malfunction, it can lead to serious problems. In the worst case scenario, the root of the problem might be somewhere within the home’s plumbing system. If that is the case, it is best to leave it to the professionals who have the necessary gear to do the repairs safely. The third popular problem would be dripping faucets.

Now, these can be tricky as the solution might be easy or extremely hard, depending on the situation. Most of the time, it a broken valve or deterioration that causes it but it can be a lot more so that is why it is always best to call a plumbing company.